WisWeb Applets

For a site with numerous applets to explore try WisWeb Applets (click on Applets near top left on the red menu bar).
See this post also on links for Wisweb Applets.

Try  Algebra Trees for example. Form inputs, operations and output by dragging them onto the main workspce, connect them up and optionally connect to a graph. Click inside any of the elements to change the content.

Once you have tried a few of these applets you will find them intuitive to use.

Algebra Arrows for example could be used to compare different orders of operations. Build a tree, make the input x and note the output generated:

There are several applets which are excellent for showing plans and elevations, see for example Building Houses with side views where the user must construct a house given top, fron and right views. Teachers familiar with the ‘Improving learning in Mathematics’ materials will recognise some of these applets.

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