Learning Journals

Students need to be independent, reflective learners skilled not only academically but in the wider range of skills and personal qualities they will need in study, work and life.

The journal is a personal record of a student’s learning. It helps to record and reflect upon that learning. It shows evidence of learning and skills development and very importantly helps a student progress.

Some questions to help complete a learning journal:

What did I do well?
Would I consider a similar approach next time?
What aspects was I least comfortable with?
What would I do differently next time?
Have I found out anything about how I learn best?

What action can I take to improve future learning?
How will I do it differently next time?
Have I investigated all the resources available to me?
Will I need help?
Are my targets realistic?
How will I know when I have achieved my targets?

Writing things down can often help us to think more clearly. Try it.

For further reference on Learning Journals see this Diigo list. 

….and here’s what some Year 7 students had to say (turn the sound on for the music!).

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    • I was thinking of writing in any form Lara – including electronic. My own preference is to use the computer too.


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