APP – Mathematics

APP – Assessing Pupils’ Progress.

I have bookmarked useful links for APP – this Diigo list  has been recently updated.

There are links explaining the philosophy of APP and many useful resources. 

An article by Jennifer Piggott from nrich has been added under the resources section this address  the use of NRICH resources to support APP.

The exemplification examples have been added. These examples illustrate what pupils should be able to do within a particular strand of objectives by the end of each year.

The various resources are worth exploring, for example:

  • The Mathematics learning objectives include links to APP criteria 
  • The Kangaroo Maths site offers extensive resources including an e-portfolio for recording progress and  levelopaedias providing exemplifications and probing questions for each of the assessment criteria except ‘Using and Applying’.
    See also the ‘Convinced’ package which is a resource package based on the APP assessment criteria from Levels 4 to 8.
    There are very useful documents in the Getting Started Section such as the Frequently Asked Questions and the Audit Tool.
  • ‘Stick on the Maths’ from Glosmaths (see page 4) provides extensive activities for all assessment criteria in two versions – for IWB and worksheets.

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