There is some good advice on the web on presentations, a subject close to teachers’ hearts.
Scroll down the page for free resources and useful links.

Sacha Chua writes so well on learning. Her hand-drawn presentations make a refreshing change.

If you like the hand-drawn style, Betsy Streeter’s Ten Great Uses For a Pencil and How to Draw What’s Not There!

These are such a good reminders that it is the content that matters not the tools.

Sacha’s comment ‘Paper is the New PowerPoint’ reminds me of using some of the excellent ways of writing Mathematics online with a graphics tablet which is a great way to respond to student queries. I think for me an online whiteboard tool is the new LaTeX!

An excellent reminder that PowerPoint is just a tool from Clear Presentation Design

From Alexei Kapterev:  Death by PowerPoint (and how to fight it).

From Jessedee: You Suck at PowerPoint

and from Alexander Osterwalder Good PowerPoint Design:

Other useful resources:

Slide Finder – a search engine for PowerPoint slides

PowerPoint Games – from

Duarte Slidedocs

Nancy Duarte – Slidedocs

Free (exceptionally high quality) Duarte Presentation Software Templates

Free Technology for Teachers (Richard Byrne) : some presentation advice.

m62 resources, tips and ideas

……and of course: Presentation Zen – Garr Reynolds

Finally for your amusement Don McMillan’s original ‘Life After Death by PowerPoint

2 comments on “Presentations

  1. I was very interested to see your post. It is the content, the message that matters – you are so right – it is not about the tools!


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