There is some good advice on the web on presentations, a subject close to teachers’ hearts.

Sacha Chua wrote recently on presentations;she often writes so well on learning. Her hand-drawn presentations make a refreshing change.

If you like the hand-drawn style, Betsy Streeter’s Ten Great Uses For a Pencil and How to Draw What’s Not There!

These are such a good reminders that it is the content that matters not the tools.

Sacha’s comment ‘Paper is the New PowerPoint’ reminds me of  Screenr – with a graphics tablet this is a great way to respond to student queries. I think for me an online whiteboard tool is the new LaTeX!

An excellent reminder that PowerPoint is just a tool from Clear Presentation Design

From Alexei Kapterev:  Death by PowerPoint (and how to fight it).

From Jessedee: You Suck at PowerPoint

and from Alexander Osterwalder Good PowerPoint Design:

Other useful resources:

Slide Finder – a search engine for PowerPoint slides

PowerPoint Games – from

PowerPoint Activities – games templates and other activities from Kim Overstreet 

Free Technology for Teachers (Richard Byrne) : some presentation advice.

m62 resources, tips and ideas

Post onPresentation21 Make-Over (Langwitches Blog)

……and of course: Presentation Zen – Garr Reynolds

For some online tools see this post. 

Finally for your amusement Don McMillan’s original ‘Life After Death by PowerPoint

2 comments on “Presentations

  1. I was very interested to see your post. It is the content, the message that matters – you are so right – it is not about the tools!


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