Time for some games …..

Thinkfun provide an excellent range of games, some of which are available to play online including the very popular Rush Hour. The other games are for younger players including ‘What’s Gnu?’ – a verbal game.

Thanks to Andrew Jeffrey for the link to Chocolate Fix in his latest newsletter.

There is an online version of Rush Hour programmed by Mark Riedel including 40 different challenges from beginner to expert available on Thinkfun’s Puzzles.com site.

This has been added to the puzzles page on the Mathematics Games blog which includes many favourites from Nrich which have all worked very well in the classroom. Many of the Nrich games work very well on the interactive whiteboard as full screen versions are available.

The extensive and excellent resources collection on Mathisfun includes numerous games. Many of my students tried and enjoyed RayRay recently.

Can you make these little people all stand up?

For all my favourite games see this blog – Mathematics Games and Puzzles.

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