Top >10 Mathematics Websites

Checked and updated – August 2013.
Coming very soon (January 2015) – a completely revised version.

This post remains one of the most popular on this blog. So – time for a revisit and an update. Most of the original post still stands – a few additions rather than deletions. Any post claiming top 10 or >10 in my case is clearly the author’s top 10, not the top 10! These are my top >10 because I really do use them – a lot – in the classroom!

…and a slide show to summarize… (download PowerPoint file: top-10-mathematics-websites-v3
(pdf version: top-10-mathematics-websites-v3 )
(Some hyperlinks seem to be behaving inconsistently in Slideshare).

I was asked about my own top ten Mathematics websites, this request and remembering Edna Sackson’s comments on her ’10 Ways…’ series  reminded me of the various ‘Top (insert number here) Mathematics Websites’ posts I have read; all of them have left me with the thought that so many excellent sites are missing from such lists. Really such posts (including this one) should be titled ‘My Top 10….’  as they understandably include the author’s favourites. For my own list I have decided to include some categories as well as individual sites which gives me the excuse to mention far more than 10! Note that every site mentioned here is free to use.
So in no particular order:
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Filling and Pouring

Some excellent watery demonstrations this week!

Cleo resource

A resource I use regularly to demonstrate ‘real life graphs’ comes from the excellent CLEO Resources (Cumbria and Lancashire Education Online).
Fill the various flasks with water and investigate how the height of the water varies with time.

Archimedes Bath

Archimedes from Colmanweb

Or you might like Archimedes in his bath!

From the Connected Maths Project (Michigan State University) comes this very clear demonstration for exploring the relationships between the volume of various geometric shapes

Connected Mathematics Project


Fill a shape with water then drag it to another shape to empty the water into that shape!

(Other activities I particularly like on this site include tessellations and the isometric drawing tool from the 6th grade resourcesVirtual Box from the 7th Grade resources and the Painted Cubes investigation from the 8th Grade resources.)

Class Tools and Stationery

Do you ever need a way of choosing a random student or perhaps a timer to display on the IWB?  There are various free resources available to help!

This random name selector by John Mclear on Primary Technology will randomly select a name from a list you can easily input. Once you have input a list of names you can then save the list as a link. It is possible to remove a name from the list once it has been chosen.

You can save a list of names so have easy access to lists of all your classes by just having the link somewhere easy to access.

Random Name Selector - Primary Technology

Random Name Selector – Primary Technology

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Hello to the Students!

It struck me recently that so many blogs are addressed to the teachers, so perhaps it’s time to provide one for the students!

Hence the new Mathematics for Students a companion blog to this one but addressed to students.

Any thoughts / ideas / comments – please let me know.