Christmas is coming!

Note – updated post Christmas 2014 with more content!

We are near the end of term and teachers turn their thoughts to fun but educational activities they can use with their classes.

The always wonderful Nrich have several Christmas problems and advent calendars for both primary and secondary school students.

For another advent calendar see the Plus Magazine (always an excellent read) 2011 advent calendar.

Mark McCourt has an excellent selection on emaths.

From The Franklin Institute comes this collection of Christmas problems.

Teaching Expertise are offering free downloads of Christmas Activities for younger students.

Why not take a look at this class clip from BBC Learning Zone and think about how much paper is needed to wrap a present?

We could do the annual calculation and work out how many gifts are received over the 12 days of Christmas. Murray Bourne has all the answers and more on squareCircleZ or have a look at this YouTube video.

WolframAlpha will of course help you count the days and even wish you a Merry Christmas!

…..and thank you  for the snow!

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