Forgotten Posts of 2011

All over the blogosphere bloggers are posting about their top posts of the year – myself included!

So I thought I’d take a look at my WordPress statistics for 2011 and see which posts are nearer the bottom of the list in terms of page views!
I present some posts I think worthy of attention; I have updated some for clarity.

Thinkfinity – including a great resource for introducing probability.

Storybird – write stories about Mathematics? Why not?!

Words with WolframAlpha – WolframAlpha is so good at Mathematics – did you know it’s good with vocabulary as well?

Triptico – some great resources for the interactive whiteboard

Mudd Math Fun Facts – a searchable collection of Mathematics fun facts from Harvey Mudd College Math Department

Videosthe list of sources of  videos has been added to since this post was first written

To complete the collection – some posts of a lighter nature – check the counting chimp watch a bubble sort – danced, or listen to some songs!

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