Manga High – Prodigi Quizzes

Teachers here’s everything you need to know about getting started at Manga High.

And let’s hear it for Manga High – their high quality games and Prodigi quizzes (with limitations – you can only set tasks for a week) are free all the time – thank you Manga High! Note that Manga High is now completely free in several countries including UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, all of Scandinavia and the Indian subcontinent. Here’s what some of my students think.

Manga High seems well known for its games, it is also well worth investigating the excellent Prodigi quizzes available.

Hundreds of these are available offering excellent curriculum coverage. To access the resources select Challenges from the Activities menu.

The search facility offers teachers the opportunity to filter by curriculum area, age, level and whether a calculator is allowed; for example a simple search of Prodigi quizzes on Algebra gives the results as shown below. (A complete list of all quizzes is available here.)

Unlike the available games students cannot see the available Prodigi quizzes unless a teacher sets them as challenges (or you have a subscription). You can view very clear instructions on setting challenges on the Manga High website.