Interactive Whiteboard Resources

(From the outstanding Nrich, Countdown Fractions, one of their many Interactivities.)

My summer holiday project for this blog is to carry on organizing links to the numerous excellent free resources available. This week I thought I would concentrate on interactive whiteboard resources and tutorials. The ‘I’m Looking For …’ page includes these lists (many of the other collections also include resources which work very well on an interactive whiteboard):

The tutorials list includes resources for Smartboard and Promethean boards.

Many of the resources mentioned on this blog work very well on the interactive whiteboard, the Wisweb applets for example or the wonderful Desmos graphing calculator.

See ‘Searching for things‘ for more on using Evernote.

If you are searching for a particular kind of resource then do use the comments to let me know.

By Colleen Young Posted in IWB

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