Christmas is coming – again!

Updated post: Christmas 2014

I can’t believe it’s a year since I wrote the last Christmas post!

The always wonderful Nrich have advent calendars for both primary and secondary school students. These provide activities for each day in December

For more advent calendars see the Plus Magazine (always an excellent read) 2012 advent calendar and a Numberphile video advent calendar!

Many resources are available from TES for all subjects including Mathematics, note in particular the recommended activities – plenty here to keep your classes busy!

Look at this Christmas tree on the Desmos Graphing Calculator site. Note this is simply a collection of lines and circles, as you can see from the syntax it is very easy to restrict x or y values.
Desmos Christmas tree
More on Desmos).

From The Franklin Institute comes this collection of Christmas problems.

Teaching Expertise are offering free downloads of Christmas Activities for younger students.

Why not take a look at this class clip from BBC Learning Zone and think about how much paper is needed to wrap a present?

We could do the annual calculation and work out how many gifts are received over the 12 days of Christmas.Murray Bourne has all the answers and more on squareCircleZ or have a look at this YouTube video.

Click on the graphic below to see just how hard Santa works! (Published: December 2010 by Advertising Agency: Benedict & Helfer, Hungary.)
Christmas Infographic

WolframAlpha will of course help you count the days and even wish you a Merry Christmas as will geoGreeting.
GeoGreeting Christmas
Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas and New Year.

19 comments on “Christmas is coming – again!

  1. Hi Colleen, I have only discovered your blog in the last couple of months and I think it is superb. I am still catching up with all your old posts. I wonder if I could recommend a link to some further maths resources with proven popularity linked to Christmas, written as whole school maths competitions?
    Thanks Colleen


    • Thank you – I am glad you like the blog. You mention a resource – you will notice as you read that all the resources here are completely free to use – so I don’t know if that makes any difference!


  2. Amazing collection!
    Especially the Nrich calendars are amazing starters – Dec 1st fits in lovely with year 10’s work on forming equation and general discussion on number of variables compared to number of equations and what that means for the solution. Will try on Wed as starter!
    I couldn’t help myself and looked up almost half of December already. Feel a bit like my kids who’d like to open up all the doors on their calendar on day one and have all the treats at once 😉
    Thanks again, Anja


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