Thoughts this week …

A couple of weeks ago I started adding a selection of random items of news, suggested resources and so on to the end of a blog post, basically anything that had caught my eye that week (thanks to Doug Belshaw for the idea; I enjoy his weekly Thought Shrapnel). This week there seem to be several so I’ll make this week’s post a collection of such items. 

Graphing the Sine Function from Math Open Reference

Graphing the Sine Function from Math Open Reference

  • My Year 11 students (age 15-16) are studying for a second GCSE in Mathematics. We are using AQA’s Level 2 Certificate in Further Mathematics, a course which we are all enjoying; it extends these able students and is excellent preparation for further study of the subject. We are currently looking at trigonometry and I want a good demonstration for graphing the sine function. Looking at various applets I came back to a site I use a great deal and have written about before, John Page’s Math Open ReferenceHere you will find many very clear applets including exactly what I want, have a look at Graph of the Sine function. Note that is possible to display full screen which is great for the Interactive whiteboard. Drag the point A around and watch the graph and try Progressive mode. I have put the links for my students in this post.
  • The Guardian Teacher Network has a new Maths hub bringing together maths news and resources.

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