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Search by categorySo, the end of the year approaches and it’s a good time as so many bloggers do to look back on the past year. Looking at the top 20 posts of 2013 (I’ll
publish those on Jan 1st), many of the old favourites are still there as well as some new entries which were written during 2013. In my never ending quest to make sure posts are easy to find again I have been busy editing posts with categories and tags, hence the new ‘Search posts by category’ menu available on the right and a new look to the ‘I’m Looking For’ pages.
Note also some other changes to the menus on the right – you can see the top 10 posts for the last 48 hours portrayed by an image from the post. Continuing down the right hand side – you can see a gallery – that’s an experiment! Further down you can like the blog on Facebook should you feel so inclined, see some Blog stats and a tag cloud for searching posts! I am still working on all the categories and tags to refine the system!

Looking at just the top 20 posts of the year can be rather artificial, I’d like to mention these posts from 2013 that whilst popular didn’t quite make the top 20…..

“The most powerful single modification that enhances achievement is feedback. The simplest prescription for improving education must be “dollops of feedback” John Hattie. Note – now that posts are categorised, it is possible to see all the posts in the feedback category – simply select the category Feedback from the drop down menu and these posts will be returned. (Click on the image if you are wondering about the verbal feedback!)
Give your students a diagram, they must decide what the question is!
So important to consider student misconceptions when thinking about their learning. I have recently updated the above post, an important addition being the excellent diagnostic questions site.
mathcentre - quotient rule

Math Centre

Math Centre
This is a site I’ll always recommend to students if they want to look at some additional material. The resources are very clear and are available in several formats including some excellent summary notes.

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