2 comments on “Resolutions for Mathematics Teachers

  1. Sometimes New Years resolutions can be quite daunting, in particular if you read through the great list of proposals and you keep on thinking…”Yes, I must do this…I know I’m not good at that…this reallys is important…etvc.
    My New Year resolution is the following:
    I’ll concentrate on one resolution per term and have this resolution on a Stick it note on my desk as a constant reminder…..
    By doing this I hope to turn them into routines one by one…..rather than starting with a long list ….and finding myself overwhelmed!
    Thanks so much for sharing Colleen – I love your blog!

    PS My first resolution is to be more creative with homework!.


    • Happy New Year Anja!
      I quite agree re the resolutions and all the sensible advice says don’t try too much at once!
      I hope the slides are useful reminders – I have tried to structure this round important elements of lessons.


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