Dancing with Desmos

Have you noticed the option to add an image to a Desmos graph?

Editing a graph page recently I noticed you can add an image…

Desmos add item
Clearly I had to experiment with this facility, so remembering the beautiful dance moves poster I thought I’d see how accurate it is!

Desmos & Images

Desmos & Images – select the image for graph page

Desmos - dance circle

Desmos circle – select the image for graph page

The modulus function looks pretty good – as does the circle (though it really should not be labelled just x2+y2)

Anyway – upload an image – save your page and challenge your students to fit a graph!

Remembering a holiday in Barcelona – I thought I would add the graph of cosh x to this photo.. Select the image to see the Desmos graph page.

cosh x Desmos image

Casa Milà Barcelona, photograph by David Young

An update – thank you @Desmos – love this!

Note the use of the drop down menu in each section.

Dancing with Desmos - select image and dance!

Dancing with Desmos- select image & dance!

And for a little more mathematical dancing – can you dance the Bubble Sort?

Starter of the Day

This week I have been updating and tidying up a companion site to this one: Mathematics Starters and Plenaries. I have added some new sections, including Bell Work which seems appropriate here and I will update in future with any more ideas. If you have not fully explored Transum’s excellent Starter of the Day site then do have another look, there are some gems here – more details below.

Mathematics - Starters and Plenaries

From  Transum Software ,   the well known  Maths Starter of the Day  has just that, a starter for every day of the year. What makes the site particularly useful is the index by topic and note the link to Quick Starters, Random Starters and Substantial Starters. There is also a complete  index  of starters which includes the topic of the starter.

Many of the starters would make ideal Bell Work; there are several starters here which could be written up on the board whilst you are waiting for any IT – or maybe if you don’t have IT!

Some of the Shine and Write activities would also make good lesson starters. For example are these statements true, sometimes true or false? As with many of the activities on this site you can refresh the page for further statements, you can also change the level. Or perhaps some Mathanagrams?

Know Your Place - Transum SWoftware Know…

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WolframAlpha – a little fun!

So – it’s the holidays – time for some updating and tidying up. With Easter approaching I thought I’d update the WolframAlpha slideshow with the non-chocolate variety of Easter Eggs!

…and a reminder of what a fantastic resource WolframAlpha is for checking work – see the recently updated series of WolframAlpha pages.

Calculators & Tools

Calculating FinancesI have been busy putting together many of the very useful calculators and tools for checking work. These have previously been on a site of their own but I have now decided they are more appropriately placed on Mathematics for Students. I have also added a link (Calculators & Tools) on the right hand side here in the Links section. I have taken the opportunity to do some major updating and I will develop this further in the coming months.

I like to use tools like this in class to encourage students to use them independently for checking their work. I know this strategy works – one of my Year 13 students announced during a homework discussion earlier this year that she knew the answer in the text was wrong (it was) because she checked it on WolframAlpha! Happily I have had many similar comments.