World Maths Day 2015

World Maths Day 2015 – date announced ….

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2015 dates

Note the latest announcement and new look – The World Education Games will be back in October 2015.

The exact dates for 2015 have now been announced. You can read the announcement on the World Education Games blog and you can pre-register now.

Perhaps time to remind everyone who enjoys these mental arithmetic games that there are plenty available they can still enjoy all year round.

Note the comment from Shane Hill below, for 4 to 10 year olds he has made Core Skills available.

sum-sense Sum Sense from Oswego City School District

Sum Sense from Oswego City School District. for example is a little different – arrange the given numbers to give a correct statement. If you like this game note that Sum Sense games are available for other operations, scroll down to the bottom of this collection.

I have been looking at Sumdog again recently, I like…

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