Since I will be studying the Bivariate Data section on one of our Year 13 (UK age 17-18) Statistics modules soon I was rather pleased to see that it is now really easy to use Desmos for Regression. The video shows how simple it it to use.

I tried this with some data from an A level question then also added another expression and table to see the values predicted by the model.


It is also simple to use Excel – just add the data, insert a chart – choose Scatter, then add a trend line.

Regression using Excel

Regression using Excel

GeoGebra provides us with another option.
Try this ready to use worksheet – find the line of best fit.
GeoGebra Regression
From the GeoGebra manual – FitPoly command  

For another easy to use tool, we could use the PhET simulation.
PhET Residuals

…or we could just pop the points into WolframAlpha and have it do all the work to check our calculations!


3 comments on “Regression

      • I’ve known Wolfram Alpha for more than 4 years now but I barely used it. I only used it’s mobile app for minor calculations since Im more used to excel and mathematica. But recently, I realized that the program’s potential is very high, so I began to experiment with it more.


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