Christmas Update

 See also Christmas 2015

Oxford University Press Christmas Problems

Oxford University Press Christmas Problems

From Oxford University Press a very helpful email with some Christmas resources, some more problems to solve and some star decorations to make for your classroom. The festive Venn diagrams I referred to in the previous Christmas post which has many ideas for Christmas are included too.

Oxford University Press - C! C2 Quadratic Functions

Oxford University Press – C1 C2 Quadratic Functions

You can find many free resources from OUP here. It strikes me that higher level GCSE students may appreciate the A Level C1 – C2 Practice on Quadratic functions.

The A Level assessments look very useful – collections of exam style questions which include solutions and mark schemes. I always find it useful to have resources like this to use in class. Thank you OUP!



Now, staying with the theme of Christmas presents from the examination boards – some clever wording from AQA here on Better Maths who can tell us what the student of GCSE past can tell us about GCSE papers yet to come! See An Early GCSE Maths Christmas Carol on Better Maths. AQA have very helpfully provided resources on Exemplar Student Responses for trial of practice papers. So thank you to AQA too!
AQA GCSE Research

and a few more Christmas resources:

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