Colourful Chi Squared!

Updating a presentation –  Colour in Mathematics led to a happy find!
Chi Squared examplw

When teaching the Chi Squared test I have often found that students sre not always clear on ttheir interpretation of the contributions to the test statistic. A worked example with a little colour to help where we look at the observed data. the expected probabilities and the chi squared contributions seems to work well . This exercise made me realise that a chi squared calculator I had previously recommended did not seem to be working, so fortunately I found a better one!

From Social Science Statistics this Chi Squared Calculator is for a contingency table with up to 5 rows and columns. It is very simple to use, enter the group and category names, then the data, choose the significance level and calculate.
Chi Squared Calculator 1
Chi Squared Calculator 2

A clear conclusion is then given:
The chi-square statistic is 10.2061. The p-value is .037096.
The result is significant at p < .05.

The calculator is included on the Statistics 16+ page of Calculators & Tools.

Note the many other calculators  for statistical tests  available on Social Science Statistics.

Looking at the new A Level Specifications – I can see that on the OCR MEI course the Chi Squared test for association is an option in the Further Mathematics A Level. The Chi Squared goodness of fit test has also been introduced. MEI have comprehensive information on the Mathematics specifications here including vey clear videos such as this on the Statistics strand. For further information on A Level Mathematics reform see A Level Reform and Resources.

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