Mathematical Songs

All checked and updated – many of these songs have gone down well for a considerable time. A more recent discovery was the One Direction quadratic formula song which makes my student smile (and sing a long!) (A reminder of GCSE Formulae)

The following songs have all gone down very well with students, particularly the Circle Song!

This on the Quadratic Formula makes my students smile – and they sing along! The One Direction Quadratic Formula song!

Or perhaps try these!

More favourites:

The Klein Four are a bit beyond school Mathematics you may appreciate this if you are studying a Mathematics degree!

….and of course, ‘Katie’s bad science’. I love this!
Original and re-edited version of Katie Melua’s song nine million bicycles proposed by Simon Singh and presented on Ted talks by Michael Shermer.

3 comments on “Mathematical Songs

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  3. The Circle song (2) was the ‘theme’ song of our holiday to France this summer, courtesy of my dughter’s year 7 teacher…

    whenever we saw a circle… it was that tune again.

    now I should really try to find out if the younger ones understand more about circles and Pi in the non-edible sense!

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