Open Middle

Open Middle

I was happily distracted this morning by this lovely problem, Create a System of Two Equations by Daniel Luevanos on Open Middle, accessible for students yet such a great task for mathematical thinking. We could discuss inequalities here as well as simultaneous equations.

Noting the link to a Desmos page as a suggested answer I couldn’t resist creating a more general Desmos page.
Open Middle Problem

Graspable Math created a canvas for this problem, in class we could have this available as well as Desmos. Note the scrub feature.
Sim Eq Opn Middle Problem 1
Sim Eq Opn Middle Problem

Now we could systematically change one variable at a time and start talking about inequalities….

If you are not familiar with Open Middle do explore these excellent problems; you can read more about the type of problems you will find on the site on the About page.

About Open Middle

Open Middle

Note the various ways you can search; note the drop-down menus for each grade.


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