Christmath Update

For schools still in session in the run-up to the holidays, a couple of additions to Christmas 2017.

MEI Festive Challenges

MEI M4 Magazine

From MEI, the November / December M4 Magazine includes an excellent collection of 10 puzzles and challenges for your students. Full teacher notes and solutions are included and the problems are ready for you to project for your classes.

MEI’s M4 Magazine is always worth reading and you will find an excellent mix of news and also teaching resources, note also MEI’s Newsletters.

From ATM, this open resource, Plotting Coordinates, Santa is aimed at younger students and offers the chance to practice plotting coordinates accurately. I like the extension questions at the end on changing the coordinates.

TheMyMaths team released free Christmas activities and worksheets every weekday between 1st and 15th December. The team have helpfully collected all these activities here on MyMaths or on Twitter. On day#6, for example, see some Yuletide Algebra.

Wishing everyone a wonderful and well-deserved break.

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