University Admissions Tests

Dr Frost – STEP, MAT & AEA questions

An update to my post on University Admissions tests on Mathematics for Students. Note Dr Frost’s excellent document of STEP, MAT and AEA questions aligned to the A Level specification. The AEA questions are legacy questions, extended solutions are currently available for the papers which have been used from the University of Warwick. Papers and Mark Schemes are available on Colmanweb. Full details are in the post.

Mathematics for Students

An annual update on preparation for UK University Entrance Examinations for Mathematics; note that these resources provide challenging questions for any students anywhere studying Mathematics beyond age 16.

From Nrich,Prepare for University.

Nrich University prep
Nrich – Prepare for University


To further challenge yourself, MAT, STEP and AEA questions provide an excellent source of questions.Dr Jamie Frosthas created such a useful resource with hisSTEP, MAT and AEA questionsall aligned to new A Level chapters. This document is 156 pages of categorised questions (brief answers are given). Also available is a pdf file of just theSTEP questions.

For mark schemes see:

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