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Exemplar Materials

Pearson exemplar materials

Pearson Sample Assessment Materials – Exemplar Answers with examiner comments (freely available, no login required).

Pearson – Teacher Support – Further Mathematics

AQA Teaching Guidance – Further Maths

Topic Tests

Dr Frost – Further Mathematics resources for Edexcel.

On Mohammed Ladak’s ‘MathedUp’ see his A Level Further Maths Takeaway, a wonderful source of exam questions by topic with mark schemes. AQA questions have been used here.

From crashMATHS, note the A Level Practice Papers and mark schemes.
For Further Mathematics, some AS and A Level Practice papers are available for Edexcel Further Mathematics (see Bronze Sets A and B).

On Dr Tom Bennison’s blog, you will find many excellent teaching resources for Further Mathematics (and also Mathematics).

AMSP Resources
You can register your school free with AMSP for many benefits to support the teaching and learning of AS/A level Further Mathematics.

Use of Technology
MEI GeoGebra Tasks for AS/A Level Further Maths
From The GeoGebra Institute of MEI, Use of GeoGebra in Further Maths: examples. See also Using GeoGebra for A Level Further Mathematics, a GeoGebra Book providings ideas and suggestions for using GeoGebra to enhance teaching and learning A level Further Mathematics.MEI GeoGebra Institute Further Maths

Jack Brown TLMaths

Jack Brown has created thousands of videos covering the complete A Level specification; the easiest way to navigate the videos is through his website, TLMaths.com.

Jack is also creating Further Maths teaching videos; you can use this link to take you directly to his live Google Doc that has the new A-Level Further Maths specification and the teaching videos Jack has made so far. I see many useful videos on Proof, including the use of Induction for proofs of divisibility.