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Exemplar Materials

Pearson exemplar materials
Pearson Sample Assessment Materials – Exemplar Answers with examiner comments (freely available, no login required).

Pearson – Teacher Support – Further Mathematics

AQA Teaching Guidance – Further Maths

Topic Tests

Dr Frost – Further Mathematics resources for Edexcel.

On Mohammed Ladak’s ‘MathedUp’ see his A Level Further Maths Takeaway, a wonderful source of exam questions by topic with mark schemes. AQA questions have been used here.

From crashMATHS, note the A Level Practice Papers and mark schemes.
For Further Mathematics, some AS and A Level Practice papers are available for Edexcel Further Mathematics (see Bronze Sets A and B).

AMSP Resources
You can register your school free with AMSP for many benefits and resources
A free student account will enable students to access a comprehensive set of short videos to support the learning of AS/A level Further Mathematics.
Sample video:

Use of Technology
MEI GeoGebra Tasks for AS/A Level Further Maths
From The GeoGebra Institute of MEI, Use of GeoGebra in Further Maths: examples.
MEI GeoGebra Institute Further Maths

Jack Brown TLMathsJack Brown has created thousands of videos covering the complete A Level specification; the easiest way to navigate the videos is through his website, TLMaths.com.

Jack is also creating Further Maths teaching videos; you can use this link to take you directly to his live Google Doc that has the new A-Level Further Maths specification and the teaching videos Jack has made so far. I see many useful videos on Proof, including the use of Induction for proofs of divisibility.