Have you seen…?#5

From MEI, the latest in the Sumaze series, this time a fun educational puzzle game aimed at 4-7-year-olds. This has been added to my Apps page which includes some personal favourites. Visit sumaze.co.uk for more information and links to all the apps in the series.

Dr Frost Full Coverage A level

Dr Frost – full coverage revision worksheets

From Dr Frost, additional really useful A Level Full Coverage Revision Worksheets.
Adding to his GCSE and IGCSE collections, Dr Frost now has an A Level series intended to “provide a single example of each of the variants of a type of question within a particular topic, rather than to provide multiple questions of exactly the same type to practise a single concept; the emphasis is broad coverage, collated from a huge database of past paper exam questions.”

#Have you seen…? is one of a series of short posts, simply to quickly provide links to interesting information and/or resources; a subset of the Mathematical Miscellany series.


Mathematical Miscellany #26

Chalkface Classwiz Simulator
From The Chalkface comes a brilliant spreadsheet that emulates the statistical functions of the Casio ClassWiz. The spreadsheet includes details which allow students to interpret each of the different modes, the List function is also included.
Direct link to the calculator. I have added this to the ClassWiz page, one of the Lesson Planning series.

Jack Brown teaching vdeosJack Brown has now completed teaching videos for all three papers of Edexcel’s sample assessment material. A very busy man – thank you, Jack! The easiest way to navigate Jack’s thousands of videos covering the complete A Level specification is through his website, TLMaths.com.

Jack is also creating Further Maths teaching videos; you can use this link to take you directly to his live Google Doc that has the new A-Level Further Maths specification and the teaching videos Jack has made so far. I see many useful videos on Proof, including the use of Induction for proofs of divisibility. I have added these resources to the Further Maths series of pages, see Teaching Resources.

On the subject of Further Maths teaching resources, thank you to Tom Button for sharing MEI GeoGebra Tasks for AS/A Level Further Maths
From The GeoGebra Institute of MEI, Use of GeoGebra in Further Maths: examples.
MEI GeoGebra Institute Further Maths
These can also be found on the Teaching Resources page for Further Maths (still a work in progress, this is being updated regularly.) Note also the addition of AMSP ResourcesYou can register your school free with AMSP for many benefits and resources. A free student account will enable students to access a comprehensive set of short videos to support the learning of AS/A level Further Mathematics.

David Morse has announced his new website. This is an outstanding and comprehensive set of resources for Primary and Secondary. Note What’s New at the top of the site where you can keep an eye on the latest additions to the collection. The Click-to-zoom feature of the Worksheet collection works so well for display on screen.
Maths4Everyone David Morse

OCR Check-in testOCR has several new Check in test resources for both GCSE and AS and A Level Further Maths (Specification A). Check in tests are also available for A Level Mathematics and for Further Maths Syllabus B. For Further Maths, scroll down the page to see the comprehensive set of Delivery Guides and Check in tests. These resources are included in the Further Maths teaching resources collection.


Mathematical Miscellany #25

dates as operations 2019Have a look at the latest newsletter from Simon Job’s MathsLinks, Don’t just write the date this year – write it as a number sentence using the digits of the date in order.

dynamic calculusA brilliant resource shared on MathsLinks here – Dynamic Calculus, a collection of interactive learning objects for teaching calculus. This is an HTML version, there is no reliance on the Java version of GeoGebra and no use of Flash.

Or try Errors in Measurement, a very clear GeoGebra resource.
errors in measurement

Subscribe to the newsletter and/or follow @mathslinks on Twitter or Facebook for regular updates – highly recommended.

I do like the ClassWiz calculator and have been collecting some useful videos from the excellent Calculator Guide on this page, many of which I have shown students in class. Checking some ClassWiz resources from the Calculator Guide, a happy discovery, Learning Mathematics with Classwiz, a free ebook by Barry Kissane; all you ever wanted to know about the calculator with exercises, activities and notes for teachers.


stem jobs
MEI (thank you) alerted me to this poster – 100 jobs in STEM! This poster and many other careers resources are available from Tomorrow’s Engineers. Looking at the UK Statutory Careers Guidance we see that schools should link curriculum learning to careers. We have the brilliant Maths Careers site to help us here.
careers 4

Look at all the events available through The Advanced Mathematics Support Programme (AMSP); the events include free online courses for teachers in state-funded schools and colleges in England.

amsp courses

AMSP On Demand Professional Development

Use the Event format dropdown menu for event types, one type is On Demand Professional Development; teachers can access the materials at any time over a period of up to one year. I have signed up to ‘Preparing your students for the MAT and the TMUA’ course myself; the materials I have looked at to date are excellent. In each unit short videos guide teachers through the ideas of the topic along with practice materials, triggers for reflection and suggestions for further study. Forums are provided for teachers to interact and collaborate with others studying the same material and all the forums are monitored by an expert tutor who will respond to queries.


A reminder that the AMSP Problem Solving Competition closes 1st February and is for any students in Years 7 to 11. Can your students solve a vexing vexillology problem? Full details are available on the AMSP competition page.


Have you seen…? #4

The Kent maths puzzle from The University of Kent?

Kent Maths Puzzle

The puzzle has been set to both challenge and entertain. The School of Mathematics, Statistics and Actuarial Science at the University of Kent contribute to BBC Radio 4’s Puzzles for Today.

#Have you seen…? is one of a series of short posts, simply to quickly provide links to interesting information and/or resources; a subset of the Mathematical Miscellany series.

Mathematical Miscellany #24


Can your students solve a vexing vexillology problem? The AMSP Problem Solving Competition closes 1st February and is for any students in Years 7 to 11. Full details are available on the AMSP competition page.

This and other competitions can all be found on the Competitions page of this blog.

Nrich Webinar
On Wednesday, December 12th, Nrich have a pilot webinar for students and teachers. For the event, Nrich will introduce a problem and invite students to work on it for between 5 and 10 minutes. During this time, teachers can comment online to ask questions on behalf of the class, or share any ideas that have arisen in their classroom. There will also be an opportunity for classes to upload photos of their work.

This sounds excellent, certainly something to investigate. Read more here.

A reminder of some of the excellent resources available from The White Rose Maths Hub Team…
The team’s GCSE Problem Solving Questions of the Day – Compilation from The White Rose Maths Hub Team, @WRMathsSec is available on TES Resources.

White Rose Maths Hub problems

The booklet contains over 50 problem-solving questions suitable for KS3 and GCSE classes, answers are also provided. Also from the team, their mastery schemes of learning include Year 7 material (UK age 11-12); an assessment is also available.

White Rose Maths Assessment

White Rose Maths – End of Term Year 7 Higher Paper

See also, Secondary Schemes of Learning and Assessments for End of Block or End of Term. Many high-quality resources can be found on TES Resources. this search, White Rose Maths Year 7 Resources returns resources for age 11-14.

So, it’s nearly Christmas, more updates have been made to the Advent Calendar collection.
We should celebrate the women in STEM subjects, try these Advent Calendar posts.
MGA text
Did you know that Maria Gaetana Agnesi was the first woman to write a Maths textbook?
(Thank you @MEIMaths  for sharing

Mathsbot Simultneous Grids

Mathsbot – Simultaneous Grids

Staying with Christmas, Jonathan Hall has given his Simultaneous Grids a festive flavour!


@MEIMaths shared The Christmas Tree Bauble Calculator🎄

Dr Matthew Lettington of Cardiff University has helped Admiral create an online tool to calculate how many baubles and fairy lights are needed for the perfect Christmas tree. Answer four questions to find out how many baubles and the length of fairy lights you need!