GeoBoard Activities

Trangles on a 3x3 piboard

National Strategies – Exemplification Examples: Geometry and Measures

I have always found the above task, suggested in the National Strategies exemplification examples (Geometry & Measures page 10 of pdf) an excellent one when looking at types of triangles and their properties. Students are required to find the number of unique triangles on a 3×3 grid. The task can be extended by asking students how many unique triangles there are on a 4×4 grid (29). A good discussion can be had on being systematic in approach. Owen on TES has provided an excellent (free) resource on quadrilaterals on a 3×3 grid.

Quadrilaterals 3x3

Two excellent resources are the Nrich Geoboard or this one from the Math Learning Centre.
The following slideshow illustrates these two resources and ends with what I think is a great exploration:

You can also find some great resourtces which have been created using GeoGebra.
GeoGebra GeoBoardGeoGebra isometric dot paper

A valuable source of ideas comes from Nrich, see these activities. (Nrich also have a Virtual Geoboard in their generic interactive resources collection (scroll down the page). Also from Nrich, we have Exploring Mathematics on dotty grids.

A search for further activities returned this activity builder from Desmos. Exploring Triangle Area with GeoBoards.
GeoBoards Triangles



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