Use of Technology

With outstanding free resources such as GeoGebraWolframAlpha and Desmos which are also available as apps for tablets and phones as well as desktop versions we can easily illustrate concepts in our day to day lessons. Also note Graspable Math.

There are pages on this blog on GeoGebraWolframAlpha and Desmos.
This post on Regression includes the use of GeoGebra for data analysis.

For older students we quite rightly have the Use of Technology as a requiremnet of the course, something that we should be using all the time, not just occasionally. We need to make sure we are using technology for learning for all our students.

For excellent advice on the use of Technology, see these MEI pages. Note MEI’s comprehensive guidance with ideas for integrating Technology which I think will be useful whichever examination board you are using.

You can find an excellent calculator guide for the Casio FX991EX-ClassWiz on Dr Frost’s site.
Calculator Guide Dr Frost

Calculator Guide Dr Frost example