Plans and Elevations

Needing some resources for Plans and Elevations this week – some great resources are…

Diagnostic Questions
A go-to site where I know I can find a quiz on any topic. Looking at the AQA Quiz Collection, we find – 2D Representations of 3D Shapes.
Diagnostic Questions AQA

A lovely (free) interactive 3d modelling tool to demonstrate plans and elevations is available in the Geometry collection on on the excellent MathsPad. MathsPad is a subscription site (a very reasonable subscription providing value for money in my personal opinion), you can search for Free resources and you will discover an excellent collection.

TES Resources
Plans & Elevations TES

This search returns many excellent (free) resources on TES on Plans and Elevations, note that these are TES Picks. The slide shown here is from a very clear PowerPoint, Plans and Elevations,  author, Fintan Douglas.

Dr Frost
Dr Frost Plans & Elevations
Another go-to site, from Dr Frost we have his Plans and Elevations resources. Dr Frost’s consistently high-quality resources include full solutions; you will also find plenty of challenges for students aiming at the highest grades.

SSDD Problems
SSDD Problem Triangular Prisms 2
SSDD Problems tagged Plans and Elevations are currently Triangular Prisms 2 and Triangular Prisms 3.

Don Steward
Don Steward
Many excellent challenges from Don Steward on Plans and Elevations.


GCSE Mathematics Revision (14-16)

With two of three UK GCSE Mathematics papers still to go at the time of writing, I can see the various revision pages are popular. The GCSE (14-16) Revision page has been updated since last year; notable additions include:

From David Morse, Maths4Everyone has a wonderful collection of high-quality resources, all freely available on TES Resources. Note all David’s fully worked exam questions by topic.
Inequalities & Regions David Morse
Also on Maths4Everyone, you will find a lovely collection of GCSE Revision Worksheets including a great set of SSDD revision questions. (See Craig Barton’s SSDD Problems site.)
SSDD Questions David Morse

From the Eduqas resource collection, we have Mathematics Take-Aways for Higher and Foundation. These attractively presented resources offer very useful revision indeed. Full solutions are provided.

Mathematics Take-Away - Eduqas
Mathematics Take-Away – Eduqas


On Maths Genie, you will find numerous resources by topic. Under Grade 7, for example, we have Inverse and Composite Functions. You will find some revision examples and also exam questions with solutions.

Maths Genie Functions

For centres offering International GCSE qualifications, you will find the brilliant Maths Emporium team have been busy with the filing cabinets.

Maths Emporium International papers

Maths Emporium

Note that all the exam boards add examination papers to their secure sites; these should, of course, be kept securely, they are intended only for teachers. They should not be shared.

Have you seen…? #3

… these GCSE lesson starters from Eduqas?

Starters - Eduqas
GCSE Starters – Eduqas

A starter, with a worked solution, is available for every day of the year. Starters are also available for Foundation Upper and Foundation Lower. (Select ‘Open resource’ under Files.)

Starter - Eduqas

Eduqas have a whole collection of Mathematics resources well worth exploring. I have used their lovely Rotations, Reflections and Enlargements demonstrations for many years! Looking at the collection, a very happy discovery, these Loci resources.


Loci Teaching Tool – NGfL Cymru

Appropriately for this time of year when so many students are revising for examinations, anyone for a Mathematics Take-Away? These attractively presented resources offer very useful revision indeed. Full solutions are provided.

Mathematics Take-Away - Eduqas
Mathematics Take-Away – Eduqas


Have you seen…? #2

…the famous equation poster contest from the excellent Math Careers site?

Do you have a favourite equation? Peter Alfeld of The University of Utah has a collection he thinks are important or intriguing. My personal favourite, Euler’s identity, is his first on the list.

                    eiπ = -1

For more on beautiful equations try the 17 equations that changed the world on the World Economic Forum where for each equation we have the following information:

  • What does it mean?
  • History
  • Importance
  • Modern use

Or from BBC Earth, have a look at “What is the most beautiful equation?

For UK school age students note the famous equation poster contest from the excellent Maths Careers site. This competition closes on Friday 8th June; winners in each age group will win an Android tablet. There will also be five ‘highly commended’ certificates awarded in each group.

I have added the competition details to Mathematics for Students.

Radio 4 – Puzzle for Today

Driving to work in the mornings I often catch Radio 4’s puzzle for the day.
Answers to all the puzzles for today are provided for a limited time.
Radio 4 has provided an index to the puzzles:
Puzzles 1 to 100       Puzzles 101 to 201    Puzzles 201+

On Thursday 17th May we had one of my favourites that I have used successfully many times – Happy Numbers. Happy Numbers is accessible for a range of abilities and offers a great lesson in the value of recording results carefully so you can use previous results and save yourself work!
28 is happy
My page on Happy Numbers includes links to further resources including a Happy Number Checker on Scratch by Eulguass. Select the green flag to use the program.
Happy 19
Nrich has provided some of the puzzles, as you can see from the blog post here, Nrich has adapted selected problems to appeal to the widest possible audience. Nrich state that their ‘Puzzle for Today’ activities include edited extracts from some of the thousands of rich low-threshold high-ceiling NRICH problems, as well as adaptations of some of NRICH’s extensive collection of short problems published in collaboration with the UKMT.

Here’s another from Nrich, Puzzle 176, March 2018 can you find the number?
I see the Nrich version, one of the UKMT problems here, ‘Many Clues, One Answer‘.