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As always – these are my favourites (see Emily Nussbaum writing for The New Yorker on why she hates Top Ten Lists!); blogs I find thought provoking that I believe will be of interest to any teacher / senior leader. It’s a short list, I read from many sources but these are the blogs that I always check when I am alerted to a post.

The Learning Spy by David DidauYou can search for posts by category at the foot of the blog.
Every time I think I have something sorted out, David comes along and challenges my thinking!

teacherhead by Tom Sherrington. Note the top posts and pages, also the categories.

@Leading Learner by Stephen Tierney. Note the Top Posts and (further down the page) Categories

The Learning Scientists

@TeacherToolkit by Ross Morrison McGill who is the author of the 5 minute lesson plan you will find many references to on my own blog. Ross has a very clear index here.

Class Teaching by  Shaun Allison and the chosen blog of the week also

johntomsett by, unsurprisingly – John Tomsett!

Hunting English by Alex Quigly

Pragmatic Education by Joe Kirby

Filling the pailGreg Ashman

Free Technology for TeachersRichard Byrne

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