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As always – these are my favourites (see Emily Nussbaum writing for The New Yorker on why she hates Top Ten Lists!); blogs I find thought provoking that I believe will be of interest to any teacher / senior leader. It’s a short list, I read from many sources but these are the blogs that I always check when I am alerted to a post.

David Didau


The Learning Spy byDavid Didau
Every time I think I have something sorted out, David comes along and challenges my thinking!


Tom Sherrington


teacherhead by Tom Sherrington. Scroll down the right hand menus for the top posts and pages where you will find much excellent reading for teachers of any subject. See for example, Ten teaching techniques to practise –  deliberately or “Towards an Assessment Paradigm Shift”. Tom’s very helpful Teaching and Learning Research Summaries: A collection for easy access is included on this Research page.

@Leading Learner by Stephen Tierney. Note the Top Posts and (further down the page) Categories

The Learning Scientists are cognitive psychological scientists interested in research on education. Their main research focus is on the science of learning.

@TeacherToolkit by Ross Morrison McGill who is the author of the 5 minute lesson plan you will find many references to on my own blog. Ross has a very clear index here.

Class Teaching by  Shaun Allison and the chosen blog of the week also

johntomsett by, unsurprisingly – John Tomsett!

The Confident Teacher by Alex Quigly

Pragmatic Education by Joe Kirby

Filling the pailGreg Ashman

Free Technology for TeachersRichard Byrne

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