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logoThere are many useful conversations on Mathematics on Twitter. Now just in case you hate Twitter or have no interest in it – you can still follow useful conversations and follow links to resources without even signing up to Twitter. I find Twitter a little like a lucky dip – usually in just a few minutes I find useful resources or the latest educational news.

For Mathematics teachers I would recommend the following:

#mathschat for UK education, a general hashtag for teachers – and a chat each Wednesday 8pm (UK time). Similarly we have #mathchat for US education

#maths and #math for general UK & US tweets on Mathematics

NCETM Twitter chats #mathscpdchat every Tuesday from 7pm to 8pm

All the links above to Twitter list the tweets in time order (Live); note that you can choose Top or Latest;
Twitter top latest
Craig Barton

Craig Barton TESMaths

logoIt is possible to create lists on Twitter, for example follow news releases as they happen from Ofqual, DfE and the exam boards on Twitter, using this Examinations list. (You can follow this list without subscribing to Twitter.) For assessment news use this Twitter List to see updates from all the exam boards. As you can see @Ofqual are making announcements about accredited specifications. And / or use this ‘mini-list’ for AQA, Edexcel and OCR Maths & MEI Maths.

@Team_Maths1 is hosted by @honeypisquared and  where they share maths teaching resources, articles, jokes and ideas.

@Desmos for the latest on the fabulous graphing calculator and of course @geogebra.

@Wolfram_Alpha (@WolframFunFacts is inactive now but you can still see some interesting tweets and get new ideas on the kind of information you can get from WolframAlpha).


MAA – Mathematical Association of America 

Association of Teachers of Mathematics

Mathematical Association  

If you are interested in learning more about Twitter see the very clear Twitter Lingo guide from Mashable.

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