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From The Independent, check the latest news stories in Mathematics.



Lucy Rycroft-Smith, Mathematical Salad

Mathematical Salad – Cambridge Mathematics where you can find “news stories, blogs and hand-picked morsels.”
MEI M4 Magazine
MEI Newsletters include teaching and learning ideas
TES Connect
Education Guardian
Guardian Maths Hub
Mathematics News from NCETM
Quanta Magazine – Mathematics
New York Times – Number Play Archive
MAA News

Science Daily

ScienceDaily: Mathematics News

Mathematics News from
Mathematics: made to measure – Ofsted
Mathematics: understanding the score – Ofsted
(All Ofsted Mathematics reports)
Improving Learning_in_Mathematics – Malcolm Swan
Plus Magazine  – University of Cambridge      Plus News page
National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics
International Journal for Mathematics and Learning from the Centre of Innovation in Mathematics Teaching
square Circle Z by Murray Bourne
Chalkdust Magazine
Mathematical Assosciation of America
MAA Focus Magazine

nfer bulletins

A very useful newsletter to subscribe to is the weekly news round up from Cambridge Assessmentthis newsletter collates all the week’s UK educational and assessment news in one bulletin.

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