News & Publications


Lucy Rycroft-Smith, Mathematical Salad

Mathematical Salad – Cambridge Mathematics
TES Connect
Education Guardian
Guardian Maths Hub
Mathematics News from NCETM
MEI News (the newsletters include teaching and learning ideas)     Current Edition
New York Times – Number Play Archive
MAA News

Science Daily

ScienceDaily: Mathematics News

Mathematics News from
Mathematics: made to measure – Ofsted
Mathematics: understanding the score – Ofsted
(All Ofsted Mathematics reports)
Improving Learning_in_Mathematics – Malcolm Swan
Plus Magazine  – University of Cambridge
National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics
International Journal for Mathematics and Learning from the Centre of Innovation in Mathematics Teaching
square Circle Z by Murray Bourne
Mathematical Assosciation of America
MAA Focus Magazine

nfer bulletins

 A very useful newsletter to subscribe to is the weekly news round up from Cambridge Assessmentthis newsletter collates all the week’s UK educational and assessment news in one bulletin.

See also: Marie Joubert’s (Nottingham University) list of reports related to UK mathematics education.

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