GeoBoard Activities

Trangles on a 3x3 piboard

National Strategies – Exemplification Examples: Geometry and Measures

I have always found the above task, suggested in the National Strategies exemplification examples (click on the above image for the pdf) an excellent one when looking at types of triangles and their properties. Students are required to find the number of unique triangles on a 3×3 grid. The task can be extended by asking students how many unique triangles there are on a 4×4 grid. A good discussion can be had on being systematic in approach.
The next time I teach it I will certainly use a Geoboard.

Two excellent resources are the Nrich Geoboard or this one from the Math Learning Centre.
The following slideshow illustrates these two resources and ends with what I think is a great exploration:

A valuable source of ideas comes from Nrich, see these activities. (Nrich also have a Virtual Geoboard in their generic interactive resources collection (scroll down the page).

A search for further activities returned this ATM file hosted on the Machester Metropolitan University site. I like ‘Find the Triangle’ on page 7.
GeoBoard Activities Find the Triangle

These online Geobaords work well on the interactive whiteboard but even more importantly students can use themselves for exploration.

A link to all the exemplification examples as well as a collection of resources to help in understanding progression in on the Progression Page.

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