UK GCSE (14-16) Exam Questions & Solutions

Examination Questions for revision – of course! You do not have to just work through a paper though – try questions on a theme or all A* questions! As usual there is no need to reinvent the wheel because there are generous teachers out there who have shared their resources.

Top of this list has to be from Just Maths: 9-1 Exam questions by topic – all the questions you ever wanted for  the new 9-1 Maths GCSE.

For more on questions by topic, see the Exam Questions by Topic page.

Craig Barton has a wonderful collection of GCSE revision resources. Note the past paper solutions (Edexcel but useful for any GCSE student) and the GCSE Maths Takeaways  which are are questions by topic from Foundation through to grade A*. 
GCSE by topic
Selecting Answers for any topic will provide several exam questions on that topic with written solutions. If you just want the questions then select the topic title.
For example look at 100-More Difficult Rearranging Formulae, this document has 12 examination question and written solutions on the topic. There are also video links for students to study the topic further; the video links have been provided by Mohammed Ladak on his wonderful MathedUp!  site where you will also find the Takeaways hosted. The author of the written solutions remains a mystery (thank you so much whoever you are!). The questions are hosted on several other sites also including here on the King Edward Vi Sheldon Heath Academy site.

Diagnostic Questions

Diagnostic Questions

Also from Craig Barton, Diagnostic Questions has much to offer for student revision; read Craig’s post for full details. Note the Diagnostic Questions versions of some GCSE Examination Papers. Note the brilliant Exam Board collections.

From AQA this set of revision tests and mark schemes is very useful and from Oxford University Press a lovely set of free revision resources is available. Under Mathematics Revision Guides, choose the ZIP file Worksheets. Note that these are headed New GCSE – this is the old new specification, not the new new specification! These are clearly perfect for UK students taking exams this year but still excellent for future years.

AQA Revision Algebra

Oxford University Press – AQA GCSE Revision Resources

GCSE Problem Solving: Steve Blades’ site has many excellent resources; on the GCSE page Steve has a section (near the end of the page) of eBooks, and one of those is on GCSE Higher wordy questions. See also Steve’s Think like a problem solver and mathematician book.

For more Problem Solving Resources, see Problem Solving and Problem Solving 16-19.

CIMT have valuable revision resources; note the GCSE Revision pack; this has quick checks at Foundation, Intermediate and Higher Level and example papers with answers and mark schemes.

CIMT Higher Paper example

CIMT Higher Paper example

CIMT GCSE Quick Checks

CIMT GCSE Quick Checks

For revision tests by topic, each unit of the GCSE course has a revision test with answers. Whilst the vast majority of the material on the CIMT site is freely accessible, a few documents such as these revision tests are password protected. The password can be obtained if you send a request using your educational institution email address; CIMT also give the password to home educators.

The Maths Teacher

An excellent site I and my students like is David Smith’s ‘The Maths Teacher’, which includes GCSE exam questions by topic at both Foundation and higher tier. What I particularly like about David’s site is the choice between video, the video transcript or straight to questions and worked solutions.

MathedUp! Essential Skills

MathedUp! Essential Skills

More from Mohammed Ladak: Essential Skills A*, these would be ideal in class or for revision homework; the resource is a series of five worksheets on challenging topics, answers are also provided. Note also the other Essential Skills packs including Core AS.

Brain Cells

Interactive Quizzes – Brain Cells

The quizzes from David Smith’s Brain Cells site are also very useful as are the free Flash revision resources. These would make a good starter activity and also be useful for students for self study.

Steve Blades has an astonishing collection of 100 hard GCSE questions – all with fully worked solutions (and note all the other lovely resources on his site). Dan Walker on TES has created a mock paper which has only A* questions! You will be pleased to know that Dan’s resource includes model solutions!

SearchingOn TES I really like Tom Riley’s resource – exam questions and solutions but also with clues! Students match up the clues to a collection of exam questions on 10 higher topics, then use the clues to answer the questions. Something I do in the run up to exams is try questions in timed conditions as I think that is valuable – even for very short sessions. I work out how long they should have according to the number of marks (telling them to start another question if they finish or are stuck). I find this an even more valuable exercise if I provide clues on the back of the questions that they can look at (or not!); that way nobody should be sitting there completely stuck!

On the subject of TES, there is an extensive collection of high quality (free) revision resources. Note the numerous 5 star reviews given for many of these resources. You can filter the search by age using the criteria on the left of the page or the tabs at the top; see revision resources for 14-16 for example.

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