Age 16+

From Jonny Griffiths try RISPS (Rich Starting Points), Open-ended investigative activities for the A Level Pure Mathematics classroom. From the home page you can download an Ebook.

Also from Jonny Griffiths his companion sites on Statistics  and Carom-Maths -activities to bridge the gap between A Level and University.

Underground Mathematics

From the University of Cambridge comes Underground Mathematics which started in 2012 as the Cambridge Mathematics Education Project (CMEP). The site provides a library of rich resources for age 16+ students with the aim of “Enabling all students to explore the connections that underpin mathematics”. Underground Mathematics is being developed by the University of Cambridge, funded by a grant from the UK Department for Education. The resources are free for all users; you can read more about the team and their philosophy here. Their webinar provides an excellent introduction; note the bundle Developing a Mathematical Classroom. Follow Underground Mathematics on Twitter or Facebook.

An introductory post is here and you can view all posts in the category Underground Mathematics.

With the UK new A Level specifications having a greater emphasis on problem solving and more challenging questions, activities such as those here should be a natural part of our regular teaching.

Core 1 and 2 Resources nrich-core-1-2

Post 16 Curriculum

Also from Nrich, see their Prepare for University collection.

For more ideas and resources for this age group see the following slideshow; resources are found from slide 18, the slide images link to the relevant resources.

See also A Level Resources.