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The best place to begin discussion of A Level resources is with an outstanding resource from OCR, an excellent teaching and learning resource, Bridging the gap between GCSE and AS/A Level Mathematics – A Student Guide (scroll down OCR’s page) or much quicker – try the new design which will get you their quicker! (Direct Link)

This is quite simply an outstanding resource for students (and their teachers!). Many exercises are provided and the answers are all at the back. OCR have very helpfully provided the document as a Word document.

OCR Transition Student Guide

The examples address misconceptions so well.OCR guide eg 1

OCR Student Guide – Bridging the Gap

With sections on Algebra, Trigonometry and graphs including examples, question practice on key topics and suggested reading before starting the A Level this will be so valuble for students.

OCR Student Guide

OCR Student Guide GCSE to AS & A Level

Edexcel have several sample Transition worksheets , scroll down this page for Transition material.
Edexcel Transition

Edexcel Transition2

Edexcel Transition Materials