The AQA Mathematics AS and A Level specifciations have now been accredited, a Companion Guide to these qualifications is available and Assessment Materials are also available.  Watch the AQA website for further resources on the new specification. Checking Teaching Resources we see that AQA are developing their route maps; The AS Maths in year 1, A-level Maths in year 2 (PowerPoint version) is now available. I have always found the GCSE route maps very helpful indeed.

AQA Resources

Something I have used a great deal with my GCSE teaching for both the current and previous specifications is AQA’s detailed and very clear teaching guidance.

An A Level Teaching Guidance extract is available which does not require you to log in to access. The complete AS and A-level Maths Teaching guidance is now available, the guidance for Further Mathematics will follow. The resource is free for all AQA centres. You need to be registered to access it. Find out how to register

We can also see Command Words which reminds me a little of the Exam Terminology document so useful at GCSE. There seem to be versions of this document in various places, I believe the first time I used it was back in the days when there were more Examination Boards, this may well have come from the then Southern Examining Group!

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