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These links have the specificiations and sample assessment materials as well as formula booklets and Teaching and Learning Resources. Scroll down each page and you will see all available sections including some very valuable teaching and learning resources.

You can use OCR’s scheme of work builder to create your own scheme of work.

OCR Modular to Linear

See also OCR’s very thoughtful guide on moving from modular to linear qualifications, which has many relevant points whichever specification you are using. It will be crucial as the guide points out to provide review and revision opportunities throughout the course.  OCR Teaching Order FrameworkWill Hornby explains here, why OCR have put Mechanics and Statistics on dofferent papers. Note the reference to OCR’s Teaching Order Framework  which provides a possible way of splitting the topics between two teachers with one teacher delivering Mechanics and one teacher delivering Statistics.

With the A Level Maths specification, we see an excellent teaching and learning resource, Bridging the gap between GCSE and AS/A Level Mathematics – A Student Guide (scroll down OCR’s page to the Teacher Guides).

This is quite simply an outstanding resource for students (and their teachers!). Many exercises are provided and the answers are all at the back. OCR have very helpfully provided the document as a Word document.

OCR Student Guide GCSE to AS & A Level

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