Use of Technology

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Checking the GCE AS and A Level Subject Content for Mathematics we see the following on the use of technology:

Will Hornby, OCR Mathematics Subject Advisor, has written very clearly on calculators for Mathematics A Levels in this post.

For excellent advice on the use of Technology, see these MEI pages. Note MEI’s comprehensive guidance with ideas for integrating Technology which I think will be useful whichever examination board you are using.

WolframAlpha & Desmos

There are pages on this blog on GeoGebra, WolframAlpha and Desmos.
This post on Regression includes the use of GeoGebra for data analysis.
GeoGebra Regression


Calculator Guide Dr Frost

Calculator Guide Dr Frost example

Dr Frost – Calculator Guide

You can find an excellent calculator guide for the Casio FX991EX-ClassWiz on Dr Frost’s site.