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Mathematical Advent Calendars

The Mathematical Advent Calendars post now includes links to the Primary and Secondary 2020 Advent Calendars. Both calendars feature a wonderful variety of tasks from past features. Also added, puzzles from the very brilliant Mathigon site.

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The post Linking Curriculum Learning to Careers has been updated with resources from AMSP. Where maths meets the world of work is the first of a set of videos AMSP is working on which will showcase the maths in different careers; each video will be paired with a resource for the classroom or for use online, so students can get a real taste of what the job may entail. Looking at the first video ‘Try being a Data Detective’ there are 4 versions of resource available for students from KS2 to KS5 Core Maths and A Level Maths. Desmos Classroom activities are available for each version.

A very popular page is on Edexcel which includes links to many excellent A Level resources. The latest addition is a set of GeoGebra resources.

The page on free books now includes Further Risps from Jonny Giffiths and also his ATM publication. The Proving Ground.


From Simon Haines, comes an excellent new site for learners and teachers of A Level Mathematics, most definitely one to keep any eye on. Do explore. On Mathematico, you will find resources for learning and teaching online, including Videos, tutorials, … Continue reading

Mathematical Advent Calendars

It’s December…it’s that time of year again…! And so to the annual update on Mathematical Advent Calendars. On Teachit Maths their Interactive advent calendar is a free sample resource available to everybody. (Remember that the free subscription on this excellent site includes hundreds of high-quality … Continue reading


A new page has been added to the top menu, Updates features recent changes to posts as well as showing recent posts. I often check and update posts and pages, particularly very popular ones. I will use the Updates page … Continue reading

Maths Week England

This week, from November 9th to November sees the return of Maths Week England, an annual national celebration of mathematics. As well as the website, also available are Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter pages.  Note the menu item, Daily Pages, keep an eye on this … Continue reading


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