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Maths at Home

This post includes a bumper collection of resources for KS3, KS4 and A Level which are particularly helpful for learning at home. The post is updated with any new resources available.

University Admissions Tests

A new page has been added to the A Level (16+) series. The resources here provide challenging questions for students aiming for the highest grades in 16+ qualifications.

Standards Unit Software

The Standards Unit software features as part of the Use of Technology series. Recently added is this lovely interactive on MathsPad which is perfect for fans of the brilliant cube buildings.

MathsPad Interactive

Excel Resources – Mike Hadden

Mike Hadden – Binomial Hypothesis Test

This post includes some excellent Excel resources for GCSE and A Level.

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Tim Brzezinski – Open Middle Problems

The Use of Technology series has been updated again. A new page in the GeoGebra series is on investigations and problems. Also, recently added to the GeoGebra series is GeoGebra Resources-Edexcel so all the resources for GCSE and A level Maths and Further Maths are available in one place.

Transum Mathematics – Algebragons

This popular post on on Arithmagons has been updated and checked, two lovely resources from Transum Mathematics have been added,  Algebragons and Fractionagons.

March Mathematics

It seems appropriate to start this post with these brilliant March Calendars from Wayne Chadburn. For a little bit of Maths each day students can use one of these March Calendars. There are calendars available for Foundation, Foundation+ and Higher. All the calendars can be downloaded from the above link. All are designed to be non-calculator … Continue reading

World Book Day 2021

It is World Book Day on Thursday, March 4th. There are a wealth of resources on the World Book Day site for children of all ages, including I noticed, good perhaps for reluctant readers, these free podcasts. For a list of recommended books for young people interested in Mathematics, try this list from Nrich which is grouped into three different categories: History of Mathematics, … Continue reading

Negative Numbers

Students need to be confident in applying the four operations to positive and negative numbers; the image above shows the subject content included in GCSE (age 14-16) Maths specifications. KS3 (age 11-14) students too are required to be fluent with negative numbers. A look at some resources to develop understanding of operations with positive and … Continue reading

A little puzzle and more, TM MathsIcons

I couldn’t agree more with Siân, it’s always a pleasure listening to Simon Singh as it was listening to all the other great presentations at the February TM Maths Icons Conference. An amazing day – thank you so much @TMMathsIcons. A reminder of Simon Singh’s Parallel and Top-Top Set Maths Project: Not a conventional competition, … Continue reading


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