Learn to use WolframAlpha

For Mathematics see the Mathematics Syntax page which has several slideshows of examples with their resulting queries.

The WolframAlpha Tour includes a useful Basics section, see also Examples. Note that one can subscribe to WolframAlpha hence the Personalise and Pro sections but free use offers an unlimited number of queries every day (and additionally in Mathematics three step by step solutions).

Mathematics examples – shows syntax

Gallery of Examples – all subjects

From h+ Magazine a comprehensive Users Guide to WolframAlpha

Using WolframAlpha in the Classroom

Mathematics Lesson Plans from WolframAlpha for Educators

10 questions younger children could try – Wolfram Alpha blog entry

10 more fun questions kids can answer with WolframAlpha – WolframAlpha blog entry

….and on a lighter note from Mashable we have some Easter Eggs!
If you like the Easter Eggs, have a look at the last slideshow here.

WolframAlpha YouTube Channel

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