I have created an Evernote shared notebook with links to some sites which include Mathematics videos. (You do not need an Evernote account to use this notebook, though I strongly recommend it as an outstanding resource for capturing notes / ideas /anything! ). To navigate the notebook simply select the notes on the left, note that the url is given at the top of each note.

David Smith’s The Maths Teacher site has a great collection of videos for both GCSE (age 14-16) and A Level (16-18). Transcripts are available for each lesson, also exercises with worked solutions. Many of the GCSE videos would also be useful for younger students. There are also videos and written solutions to some A Level papers.

Exam Solutions – a really comprehensive site with thousands of videos, tutorials and also worked exam solutions for GCSE and A Level Mathematics.

Corbettmaths Videos and Worksheets.

Colin Hegarty has an extensive library for GCSE and A Level (and KS3 for younger students) on HegartyMaths.

The excellent Math Centre site for older students includes a variety of resource types including videos.

No post on videos would be complete without mentioning YouTube of course and Sal Kahn’s Khan Academy. A YouTube  search on KS3 Algebra (KS3 is age 11-14) for example returns this list and for GeoGebra for example you will find a channel devoted to the software.

For another extensive collection of videos try these from Patrick JMT.

There are several excellent TED talks on Mathematicsthese are all short talks and well worth listening to. See in particular Dan Meyer’s ‘Math class needs a makeover’. To learn more about TED see the ‘About TED‘ page. See also the information on Ted-Ed the new education channel from TED.

mrbarton’s YouTube channel – videos on subjects such as Autograph, Gapminder and Mr Barton’s favourite Mathematics websites.

Maths Solutions from the University of Leeds has many short video clips on a variety of topics.

mathstutorbiz YouTube Channel

Do you know why 153 is in love with itself? Watch this video from Numberphile to find out why.

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