Diagnostic Questions – by Year 7

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I have used the excellent diagnostic questions site on several occasions and last week set Year 7 the task of writing some diagnostic questions on two topics we have been studying recently – Sequences and Co-ordinates. The questions in the above slideshow were all written by Year 7 students and are typical of their questions.

Not only did they have to write the questions but indicate the correct answer and explain the reasoning behind the multiple choice answers they had given. This proved an excellent homework in that students showed that they really understood the topics and the possible misconceptions that can arise. Some students commented that they had included particular answers because they were typical of the mistakes they or their friends made. I believe that thinking about possible wrong answers has given them a deeper understanding.

On a practical note I thought I would create a PowerPoint template that we can all use in future, hence the above format. I insert imagefind the easiest way to upload questions to the site is to upload an image. If you are logged in you will see that in questions view there is an option to Create Question; selecting that takes you to a canvas where you have the opportunity to use the various tools provided or simply upload an image and add it to the canvas. All that remains to do is indicate the correct answer and create the question.

I would certainly do this again and have added the idea to the homework ideas page.

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